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Wall Mounted Wooden Flagpoles

Our Wall Mounted Wooden Flagpoles are absolutely stunning and nothing else available on the market even comes close to looking as good.


Typically our wall mounted flagpoles are made from the same top quality Douglas Fir as our Free Standing Tradtional Wooden Flagpoles although we occasionally get asked to make them in Teak or Oak, both of which are great but get quite heavy over a certain length and we believe Douglas Fir remains the ultimate choice for all Wooden Flagpole designs.


Wall Mounted Flagpoles of 1.5m and 2m in length are turned on a lathe as you can see in the pictures to the right. These are the only flagpoles we shape on the lathe as for this size of pole it just makes sense. All of our other wooden flagpoles are shaped by hand.


Our wall mounted wooden flagpoles are available in any length you want and can be mounted at any angle from the wall from horizontal through to vertical. Typically the base of a wall mounted flagpole will be a fraction under 3 inches tapering to 2 inches at the tip. For longer mounted flagpoles we may up the thickness and this will be discussed with the client.


All wall mounted flagpoles are finished with a beautifully hand turned finial and you can take your choice from our selection of "button", "Ball" or "Cone". Hand carved finials oof any design can also be comissioned - please ask for more details.


This section of our business also makes roof mounted wooden flagpoles such as those designed for use on the top of church towers and the flat roofs of major buildings, offices and large houses.


One of the most important aspects of a wall mounted flagpole is the mounting bracket itself. In order to make sure we use the very best we design our mounting brackets in house and have them specially made by a steel fabricator who specialises in custom fittings and is conveniently located a stones throw from our workshops.


All our wall mounted flagpole brackets are available in a range of finishes including: Painted, galvanised, brushed stainless steel or polished stainless steel for that ultra smart look.


All our wall mounted wooden flagpoles can be painted in a top quality marine yacht enamel - colour of your choice - or varnished using a top grade clear marine varnish which looks stunning and shows off the beautiful timber beneath.


All fittings are of the highest quality and designed specifically for use on boats and yachts so they work perfectly on our wall mounted flagpoles. All our fittings are available in Bronze, Stainless Steel and for the cleats on some of our wall mounted flagpoles we use aluminium.


We will discuss everything with you as each order is slightly different. Only one thing remains consistant every time, and that is the quality and beauty of the product we hand over to you upon completion.