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Part Art, Part Craftsmanship, Part Feel and a great deal of  passion.....And a stunning piece of Douglas Fir.


Your Bristol Wooden Flagpole will be made completely by hand from start to finish and no detail, no matter how small will be overlooked.


Ours is not an automated production line, there is no lathe, there simply doesn't need to be. Just hand tools and the odd electric gadget to speed things up a bit....


For us, making flagpoles is a labour of love, it is a skill, and an art that our highly skilled craftsmen have not only perfected but are extremely passionate about.


We want to make you the finest of flagpoles and in order to do so we use only the finest materials.


Starting with our choice of wood; we use only the highest grade, old growth vertical grain Douglas Fir of the exact same quality as that used to make the masts and spars of the worlds most beautiful yachts.


Wood of this quality is a joy to work with, it costs a little more, but it is worth every penny. It is tight grained, strong, straight but with just the right degree of flexibility to move with the elements.


Most other Wooden Flagpole makers have to laminate six or seven thin sheets of wood together in order to get a useable width from which to make a flagpole, this is because they are using a lower grade of wood that will be sourced from young trees that are wide grained, weak and full of knots, resin spots and wild grain, all of which have to be cut out. Buying wood this way is cetainly a great deal cheaper and because of the epoxy resins available, the thin laminated planks will certainly be strong when bonded together, but somehow it just feels wrong. We love working with wood and we want you to have a wooden flagpole, not an epoxy flagpole made with low grade, cheap wood.


To keep costs sensible, we simply bond two beautiful lengths of Douglas Fir together to get the width required to make your flagpole. To get the length we require, we use two further lengths if required. We join them in the same way you would a yacht mast and we use a wonderful resin glue that has been used and proven on yachts the world over. This resin has a distinctive dark colour that when varnished looks stunning and adds heaps of character to our flagpoles. It is honest and shows just how your flagpole has been made, nothing is hidden and the craftsman's skill and love are clear for all to see. (That said......If you want an invisible join......just tell us, and we will use a clear epoxy)


The next step is shaping and this is all done by hand and eye and it is amazing how skill and experience can create a perfect flagpole every time. (See our photo gallary for step by step photos)


A great deal of sanding follows, it is the most wonderful part as the paper starts to glide and the wood becomes silky smooth and perfectly shaped......Ready for Paint or Varnish.


Having gone to all this effort our insistance on using the very best materials does not stop now. We use the very best marine varnish, designed to withstand the harshest environments, it has a UV filter that protects the wood beneath and prolongs the life of the varnish and it's shine.....We will apply six layers of this varnish, fine sanding between each coat. If you would like your flagpole painted, then you can choose from a wide range of colours. Again we use only the very best Marine Yacht Enamel on top of three layers of top grade Marine Yacht Primer. The result is an incredible high gloss finish that is extremely tough and resistant to the elements. This grade of paint is incredibly slow to dry between coats but worth the effort we think.


To keep the lines of your Bristol Wooden Flagpole perfectly clean, we take the time to hide the "top block" within the top of the flagpole (see Gallary) and you can choose from either Stainless Steel, Cast Bronze or Hand carved Teak Cleats (See Gallary and Fittings pages).


To top things off you can take your choice of Finial (traditionally in the shape of a "button" or "Ball"). This can be varnished or painted to match your flagpole or if requested, painted gold or 24 karat gold leafed.


For a truely unique Finial we can hand carve almost anything you like. Photos will be coming soon but talk to us about this if interested........Amazing does not even come close to describing what we can make for you when it comes to finials!


Traditionally we will mount your flagpole in one of our Steel Tabernacles (Flagpole Bases). We design our own and they are made especially for us by a steel fabricator close to our workshops. They are sleek, strong, functional and do there job perfectly, holding your wooden flagpole securely, just above ground level to protect from damp and rot. It will also allow your flagpole to be lowered quickly and easily when required (see photo gallery).


At 42kg and 2m in length (half of which will be buried in the ground) the tabernacle weighs about the same as one of our 6.5m flagpoles, so you can rest assured it will do it's job.


Your Tabernacle can be painted in a colour of your choice, galvanised, or galvanised then painted for even higher durability. (We can fabricate tabernacles suitable for securely mounting your flagpole on almost any surface)


The result of all this work is that you receive the very best flagpole we can make, and quite possibly the best flagpole anybody can make. Each and every one is a labour of love and takes us 4 to 6 weeks to make from your time of ordering.


And with a little love and care, your Bristol Wooden Flagpole should fly your flags, work perfectly and look amazing for 100 years or more.

The Art Of Making The Finest Wooden Flag Poles

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