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The finest flags and Wooden Flagpoles

Hand made in Bristol - Flown around the UK and worldwide

Welcome to "Bristol Wooden Flagpoles." Here we hand make the finest wooden flag poles in Europe using only the highest grade timbers, fittings and our highly skilled team of craftsmen.


We are hugely passionate about what we do and we are extremely good at it. As a result we produce wooden flag poles that are up with the very best in the world.


Although we favour our particular style of flag pole because of its perfect proportions handsome looks, we can build your wooden flagpole in any size, shape and specification you require and your flagpole will usually be ready in four to six weeks from the day you place your order. We also offer a full delivery and installation service should you require it and we deliver throughout the UK and Europe.


Each and every "Bristol Wooden Flagpole" produced is made entirely by hand and we use only the very Finest Grade, Hand Selected, Old Growth, Vertical Grain Douglas Fir from Vancouver Island, Canada.


This grade of Douglas Fir is the best in the world and it is the perfect wood for our flag poles. We use exactly the same grade of Doug Fir as that used when making the Wooden Masts and Spars for the worlds finest and most prestigious yachts, so we know it will handle the elements and stand the test of time beautifully. To our knowledge, No other maker of wooden flagpoles in the UK uses this grade of wood, they choose instead to use far lower "joinery" grade Douglas Fir or other timber. Joinery grade timber is typically used by builders and is available from most timber yards and saw mills. They buy it in thin planks to reduce costs further and then they have to cut out all the knots and other bad sections before laminating six or seven boards together to get the width and heaven knows how many more to get the length required to make a flagpole. The result is a wooden flagpole produced from cheap timber and good glue. We appreciate it costs less, but it is not for us as the result is a vastly inferior flagpole that will require a great deal more maintenance.


With the very best wood at their heart, our flagpoles have the perfect pedigree and are off to a great start, but there are dozens of other factors which all come together seamlessly to build you the perfect flagpole. The skill of our craftsmen, the very best fittings, the very best marine yacht varnish of which we apply six coats and or the very best marine yacht primers and Laquers of which we apply five layers. The results of both varnish and paint are spectacular but if we can persuade you to, we will always try and tempt you down the varnish path as nothing shows of the beauty of our flagpoles better.


Apart from the Block (the pully) at the top of the flagpole and the halyard (the rope used for hoisting the flag) every other fitting on your "Bristol Wooden Flagpole" is hand made either by us or for us so we can be sure it is of the quality we require. Our Tabernacles (Flagpole Bases) are designed by us and fabricated in steel only a stones throw from our workshops in Bristol. They are incredibly strong and engineered so that they are both sleek and extremely secure. Even our Teak, Bronze and Stainless Steel Cleats are hand made to the highest specification so that they work perfectly and look just how we want them to. The same goes for all our Wall Mounted Flagpole Brackets and all brackets, collars and fittings that may be used in the making of more complex flagpoles such as those with with Yard Arms.


We can also provide you with the most beautifully made flags. We can make any flag, in any size and to any design you choose. All our flags are made to the absolute highest of standards, to exceed MOD specification and you can choose from either printed or sewn as standard, or for something very special, such as a historical flag or coat of arms, we can hand paint, hand stitch and applique just as it was done in days gone by, before it became too costly and too impractical to do so and the skills died out.  Fortunately we still have those skills, and nothing gives us greater pleasure than making flags so beautiful, they are works of art in their own right. In short, whatever flag you require, we can make it for you, and just like our flagpoles, they are in a league of their own.

Welcome to "Bristol Wooden Flagpoles." Here we design hand build the finest wooden flagpoles using the highest grade timbers, hand made fittings and the incredible skills of our dedicated and hugely experienced craftsmen.


We are hugely passionate about what we do and we are extremely good at it. As a result we produce wooden flagpoles that are quite possibly the very best in the world.

Helli-lifting the impressive new flagpole built by Bristol Wooden Flagpoles into place atop the tower of magnificent Grade 1 Listed Belvoir Castle. Bristol Wooden Falgpoles also handled the manufacture of the 120kg stainless steel brackets that hold the new flagpole in place, attaching our new flagpole to the ancient stump of the old. All the on site preperation works were also handled by Bristol wooden Flagpoles.


A Magnificent Flagpole and sewn Flags made by Bristol Wooden Flagpoles for the Historic Dockyard & National Trust - Port Stanley, The Falkland Islands.

Located on the waters edge in the famous and historic dockyard, our flagpoles are regularly battered by 100mph winds and driving sea spray. It is testiment to the incredible quality of our flagpoles that they stand undaunted by the elements in this wonderfully historic location.

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Delivery Day!

Here at Bristol Wooden Flagpoles, the unrivalled quality of materials we use combined with our pride, passion and skill as craftsmen all come down to one thing.

Making sure that our clients receive a flagpole that is unrivalled in it's quality of manufacture, stunning aesthetics and perfect proportions.

Delivery day is always a very spacial day for us, a proud and happy occasion for both client and craftsman.

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We believe that if you are investing in a wooden flagpole, then you may as well invest in the absolute best. We know we cost a little more than many of the other options available to you but then again, nobody makes flagpoles quite like we do. We understand our clients want a flagpole that is handsome, elegant, strong and in keeping with it's intended surroundings........ The cost of our flagpoles reflects the quality of the componants used to make them and for all of our customers, quality and beauty come above all else........after all, where cost is soon forgotten, your "Bristol Wooden Flagpole" will out live us all and should be around for 100 years........probably more.


THE NAMING OF FLAGPOLES: So much love, time and effort goes into the building of your wooden flagpole that we like to give them all names. The name is your choice and we will hand engrave it onto a small bronze plaque fitted at the base of your flagpole. It is a little touch and unique to us, but your flagpoles name will be kept forever by us in our book of flagpoles. If at any point in the future you should need to call us regarding your flagpole, all you need give us is your flagpoles name.


So please take a moment to enjoy our site, the fact you are thinking of choosing a wooden flagpole is brilliant as they are truely wonderful things to both feel and look at. All flags should be flown with pride and what better way to do exactly that than to fly your flag, whatever it may be, from the very finest Wooden Flagpole, built by hand, by us, in Bristol.